Single-Phase Grounding Fault Types Identification Based on Multi-Feature Transformation and Fusion

Min Fan, Jialu Xia, Xinyu Meng, Ke Zhang
2022 Sensors  
The frequent occurrence of single-phase grounding faults affects the reliable operation of power systems. When a single-phase grounding fault occurs, it is difficult to accurately identify the fault type because of the weak characterization and subtle distinction between different fault types. Therefore, this paper proposes a single-phase grounding fault type identification method based on the multi-feature transformation and fusion. Firstly, the Hilbert–Huang transform (HHT) was used to
more » ... ess the fault recorded wave data to highlight the characteristics between different fault types. Secondly, the deep learning model ResNet18 and the long short-term memory (LSTM) are designed to extract the complex abstract features and time-series correlation features from the preprocessed data set separately. Finally, it designs a fusion model to combine the advantages of heterogeneous models to identify the type of single-phase grounding fault. Experiments validate that the method is good at fully mining the characteristics of the fault types contained in the fault recorded wave data, so it can identify multiple types of faults with strong robustness and provide a reliable basis for the subsequent formulation of targeted fault-handling measures.
doi:10.3390/s22093521 pmid:35591212 pmcid:PMC9100241 fatcat:3ukq4ilrsrfkbcdlwrexmvup7i