Spectrometer On A Chip: An InP-based Grating Demultiplexer For WDM Applications At 1.5μm

J.B.D. Soole, A. Scherer, H.P. LeBlanc, N.C. Andreadakis, R. Bhat, M.A. Koza
LEOS '90. Conference Proceedings IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society 1990 Annual Meeting  
Bell core, 331 Newman Springs Road, Red Hank, NJ 0770 I (201) 758 3420 \Ve report an lnl'-bascd grating spectrometer for WDM systems operating in the l.5pm liher band. The spectrometer resolves more than 50 wavelength demultiplexed channels at I nm spacing with a 3A channel width and at least I 9dB isolation between outputs. The spectrometer operation is almost independent of the state of the input polarization.
doi:10.1109/leos.1990.690710 fatcat:ppv5kkymqfbftnzxoidwgeambq