Theoretical and experimental investigations of ligand exchange in amidinate and guanidinate ligand systems and the atomic layer deposition of aluminum oxide [thesis]

Allison Brazeau
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more » ... on, guidance, support and teaching have made these past few years at Carleton a great learning experience and have given me the confidence and desire to pursue my Doctorate degree. Also, thanks Dr. Gino DiLabio at NINT for overseeing all the theoretical work, your expertise and patience have been greatly appreciated over the past two years. To the Barry Lab, I can't imagine a better group to be a part of. Your friendship and support inside and outside of the lab has made for a lot of good times and memorable moments. Next, I would like to thank all the people and institutions that have contributed to this project. Keith Bourque for help with the NMR, Rob Vandusen in the Fabrication Laboratory for access to the ellipsometer and SEM, Peter Jones for the EDX and WDS data, the Ianoul lab for the AFM images, Clem Kazakoff for the MS data, Guelph Chemical Labs for the elemental analysis and the Centre of Excellence in Integrated Nanotools (CEIN) at the University of Alberta for cluster use. Carleton University for numerous scholarships, OGSST and Fluorescence for funding, and NSERC for a CGS scholarship.
doi:10.22215/etd/2007-07872 fatcat:ctwrwpcyqbg6tf6o73vifwssye