Calliblepharis jubata Cultivation Potential—A Comparative Study between Controlled and Semi-Controlled Aquaculture

Glacio Souza Araujo, João Cotas, Tiago Morais, Adriana Leandro, Sara García-Poza, Ana M. M. Gonçalves, Leonel Pereira
2020 Applied Sciences  
Calliblepharis jubata is an edible red seaweed and a carrageenan primary producer, considered native in Figueira da Foz (Portugal). C. jubata has the particularity of producing only one kind of carrageenan, the iota fraction. However, this seaweed is not yet valuable for the food industry or even for human consumption. In this work, we characterize important biochemical compounds of C. jubata growing up within different cultivation techniques and wild specimens. The aim of this work is to know
more » ... is work is to know if there are differences between the biological compounds of interest and identify the advantages for human consumption and the food industry. The results supported the nutritional value of the seaweed, where the ones from inshore cultivation (T) were more identical to the wild specimens (F), than the indoor C. jubata (A, B, C). The parameters analyzed were fatty acids, carbohydrates and carrageenan content.
doi:10.3390/app10217553 fatcat:akozh66mkvewzn6sh64zfxtvdu