Recent Trend of Remote Monitoring Technology, Cathodic Protection System

Shigeo Tada
2000 Zairyo-to-Kankyo  
In recent years, the progress in the electronic technology and software has led to computerization of measuring instruments and diversification of communication technology. As for the monitoring technology progress has been made by leaps and bounds especially in the field of remote monitoring technology. Unless a system is on a large-scale, the manager of the system is able to construct a remote monitoring system easily. An inexpensive Windows-PC can be used for the main station, while a user
more » ... n select communication means suited for his needs such as the conventional telephone network, cellular network. Also for terminal stations, a terminal data-logger incorporating functions of measurement/control/communication can be easily developed. This report explains requirements of the remote monitoring systems for cathodic protection and reviews an example of systems for cathodic protection of rebars in reinforced concrete structures and underground pipelines, respectively.
doi:10.3323/jcorr1991.49.537 fatcat:6ip4n75w6fcmbbp7mfyblwsba4