Recognition of Reovirus RNAs by the Innate Immune System

Andrew T. Abad, Pranav Danthi
2020 Viruses  
Mammalian orthoreovirus (reovirus) is a dsRNA virus, which has long been used as a model system to study host–virus interactions. One of the earliest interactions during virus infection is the detection of the viral genomic material, and the consequent induction of an interferon (IFN) based antiviral response. Similar to the replication of related dsRNA viruses, the genomic material of reovirus is thought to remain protected by viral structural proteins throughout infection. Thus, how innate
more » ... une sensor proteins gain access to the viral genomic material, is incompletely understood. This review summarizes currently known information about the innate immune recognition of the reovirus genomic material. Using this information, we propose hypotheses about host detection of reovirus.
doi:10.3390/v12060667 pmid:32575691 fatcat:qhd3llwbizg47oy7mdvqldtzfy