Gene Signature-Based Drug Repositioning [chapter]

Zhilong Jia, Xinyu Song, Jinlong Shi, Weidong Wang, Kunlun He
2021 Drug Repurposing - Molecular Aspects and Therapeutic Applications [Working Title]  
With the advent of dynamical omics technology, especially the transcriptome and proteome, a huge amount of data related to various diseases and approved drugs are available under multi global projects or researches with their interests. These omics data and new machine learning technology largely promote the translation of drug research into clinical trials. We will cover the following topics in this chapter. 1) An introduction to the basic discipline of gene signature-based drug repurposing;
more » ... databases of genes, drugs and diseases; 3) gene signature databases of the approved drugs; 4) gene signature databases of various diseases; 5) gene signature-based methods and tools for drug repositioning; 6) new omics technology for drug repositioning; 7) drug repositioning examples with reproducible code. And finally, discuss the future trends and conclude.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.101377 fatcat:s4w2wts33bewfcnnbplvjr5efq