2nd World Congress of Trichoscopy

2021 Skin Appendage Disorders  
Trichoscopy is a very useful tool to diagnose hair disorders, and increase the diagnosis accuracy, it can also guide the biopsy site on the scalp in the most active area of the disease. Aims and Objectives: We suggest to perform an interactive session in which we will correlate the clinical and the trichoscopy findings of hair disorders presenting with the same clinical presentation in order to point out the utility of Trichoscopy in differentiating hair disorders that looks the same based on
more » ... e clinical examination. Methods: In this session, a panoramic of clinical images (two or more in each time) of different diseases that look the same (same localization and clinical presentation) will be shown to the audience, and we will ask them to give their diagnosis for the two images (for example : two similar images of hair line recession, one patient present a frontal fibrosing alopecia and the other trichotilomania ) . Then we will correct and show them the trichoscopic images of the patients, and we will point out the trichoscopic signs together with a brief review of the literature of every hair disorder.
doi:10.1159/000519887 fatcat:6x3fabsrgjawji7cg3xioczqee