Report on the 1st International Workshop on the Irrelations between Requirements Engineering Business Process Mana- gement (REBPM)

Robert Heinrich, Kathrin Kirchner, Rüdiger Weißbach
2014 Softwaretechnik-Trends  
of the Workshop While Requirements Engineering (RE) is concerned with eliciting and managing requirements related to a particular (software) system, Business Process Management (BPM) deals with modeling and managing organizational processes and business objectives. Information technology is an enabler of business change [1] and business processes are often a starting point of software requirements elicitation. Thus, both domains are strongly interrelated (cf. [2] ). The interrelation between
more » ... h domains is underpinned by overlapping use of concepts and artifacts. Business processes modeling, for example, serves as an interface between both domains since the models combine knowledge about the business and the involved (software) systems. However, the methods and processes concerned with the business people, while trying to achieve similar goals, differ from those concerned with the software/requirements engineers. The 1 st International REBPM workshop has been organized by the working group "Requirements Engineering and Business Process Management" and succeeded two German workshops on the same topic (REBPM 2009 and 2010). The working group "Requirements Engineering and Business Process Management" was founded in autumn 2013 as a subgroup of the "Requirements Engineering" group within the German Informatics Society. The aim of the group is to identify and integrate common methods, artifacts and processes in order to addresses the interrelations between RE and BPM. Currently, the group consists of about ten members from research and industry.
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