Measurement of Orbital Decay in the Double Neutron Star Binary PSR B2127+11C

B. A. Jacoby, P. B. Cameron, F. A. Jenet, S. B. Anderson, R. N. Murty, S. R. Kulkarni
2006 Astrophysical Journal  
We report the direct measurement of orbital period decay in the double neutron star pulsar system PSR B2127+11C in the globular cluster M15 at the rate of (-3.95 ± 0.13) × 10^-12, consistent with the prediction of general relativity at the ∼ 3 = (1.358 ± 0.010) M_ and the companion mass m_c = (1.354 ± 0.010) M_. We also report long-term pulse timing results for the pulsars PSR B2127+11A and PSR B2127+11B, including confirmation of the cluster proper motion.
doi:10.1086/505742 fatcat:su47mav75vd4padkkmlhgkgvve