Quantum Neurobiology

Melanie Swan, Renato P. dos dos Santos, Franke Witte
2022 Quantum Reports  
Quantum neurobiology is concerned with potential quantum effects operating in the brain and the application of quantum information science to neuroscience problems, the latter of which is the main focus of the current paper. The human brain is fundamentally a multiscalar problem, with complex behavior spanning nine orders of magnitude-scale tiers from the atomic and cellular level to brain networks and the central nervous system. In this review, we discuss a new generation of bio-inspired
more » ... m technologies in the emerging field of quantum neurobiology and present a novel physics-inspired theory of neural signaling (AdS/Brain (anti-de Sitter space)). Three tiers of quantum information science-directed neurobiology applications can be identified. First are those that interpret empirical data from neural imaging modalities (EEG, MRI, CT, PET scans), protein folding, and genomics with wavefunctions and quantum machine learning. Second are those that develop neural dynamics as a broad approach to quantum neurobiology, consisting of superpositioned data modeling evaluated with quantum probability, neural field theories, filamentary signaling, and quantum nanoscience. Third is neuroscience physics interpretations of foundational physics findings in the context of neurobiology. The benefit of this work is the possibility of an improved understanding of the resolution of neuropathologies such as Alzheimer's disease.
doi:10.3390/quantum4010008 fatcat:jyluuwegufbfdjvucorqy4ifqm