10m hurdle performance and physical quality indicator grey relational analysis based on matlab simulation

Yan Zhang, Yinmin Liu
Hurdle has already developed for more than one century until now; it has great improvements both in rules and hurdle structures. Chinese sports undertakings development have also made greater progress since opening and reform, from which in athletics competitions, now lots of scholars are striving for exploring so as to improve hurdle running performance. Apply each kind of science and technology ways, analyze and research hurdle running performance influence factors, and explore theoretical
more » ... lore theoretical basis for hurdle running training. The paper does research on 110m hurdlers performances correlation factors. By establishing athletes sport ability indicators and performances relationships, analyze their correlation coefficient and solve correlation degree. And according to that, it solves weight values and establishes performance and factors equations. By comparing Chinese and foreign different excellent athletes' parameters, through analyzing and researching, it gets each factor importance in performance that is weight, by mathematical model establishing, it further analyzes performance influence factors and makes relative training suggestions. 