International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations Semantic technologies centered with web data rescue and service collection systems-an analysis

M Ramu, M Beemajan, Shaheen, Asst Prof, Mca Head, Svcet, Puliyangudi, Asst Prof, Cse
Semantic web services focuses on providing automation and dynamics to existing web service technologies. A large amount of effort and money has been invested in the field of semantic web service discovery. In traditional web service discovery techniques, users need to select relevant web services manually from an extensive textual list. The most notable approaches rely on the description of Web services using semantics. This new breed of Web services, termed Semantic Web Services (SWSs) aim to
more » ... ices (SWSs) aim to improve the p ossibilities for automated discovery, composition and invocation of Web Services by providing ontology-based service descriptions expressed in a formal language. Several approaches have been driving the development of Semantic Web Service frameworks such as OWLS (Ontology Web Language for Services), WSMO (Web Service Modeling Ontology) and IRS (Internet Reasoning Service). This paper focuses on survey on semantic technology centered on rescue of data and service collection system.