On the Edge Metric Dimension of Different Families of Möbius Networks

Bo Deng, Muhammad Faisal Nadeem, Muhammad Azeem
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
For an ordered subset Qe of vertices in a simple connected graph G, a vertex x∈V distinguishes two edges e1,e2∈E, if dx,e1≠dx,e2. A subset Qe having minimum vertices is called an edge metric generator for G, if every two distinct edges of G are distinguished by some vertex of Qe. The minimum cardinality of an edge metric generator for G is called the edge metric dimension, and it is denoted by dimeG. In this paper, we study the edge resolvability parameter for different families of Möbius
more » ... networks and we find the exact edge metric dimension of triangular, square, and hexagonal Möbius ladder networks.
doi:10.1155/2021/6623208 doaj:3aa872250d354750b0c70aa24c03a6cf fatcat:ohfe3ycfefhx5d65k4nxxrdcuy