Microalgal Biodiesel-A Comprehensive Review on the Potential and Alternative Biofuel

Surendhiran, Vijay
2012 Research Journal of Chemical Sciences   unpublished
Sustainable and renewable energy resources are highly essential to replace the vanishing petroleum fossil fuels. Biofuels play a vital role in mitigating CO 2 emission, reducing global warming and bringing down the hike in oil prices. Biodiesel has become a recent attraction since it is biodegradable, renewable and non toxic. The objective of the paper is to study the potential of microalgae as an alternative raw material for biodiesel generation. Microalga has been chosen as a biodiesel
more » ... r due to high mass productivity and faster lipid production. Production of biodiesel from microalgae could be a greater alternative to oil crops due to economical instability, jeopardizing agricultural lands and insufficient oil crops. This review article focusses on the technical improvements in cultivation of different microalgal species, lipid content in various algal species, modes and efficiency of harvesting and transesterification methods. This paper thus serves the researchers to further enhance the production and commercialization of biodiesel.