The occurrence of helminth parasites (Nemathelminthes) in some freshwater fish from streams discharging into Antalya Bay in Antalya, Turkey: two new host records from Antalya

2011 Turkish Journal of Zoology  
A total of 65 individuals from 3 diff erent fi sh species, Capoeta antalyensis (n: 15), Aphanius mento (n: 29), and Pseudophoxinus battalgil (n: 21), were examined for helminth parasites (Nemathelminthes) between May and July of 2009. A total of 123 parasites of 3 species were found in these fi sh, consisting of 3 nematodes: Rhabdochona denudata, Eustrongylides excisus larvae, and Contracaecum sp. larvae. Among these species, R. denudata was recorded in the intestine of C. antalyensis, with a
more » ... tal of 92 parasites found in 13 of the 15 C. antalyensis examined. Th e overall prevalence of this species was 86.6%. Two further species of nematodes, Contracaecum sp. larvae and E. excisus larvae, were found in the abdominal cavities of P. battalgil and A. mento, respectively. Contracaecum sp. larvae were found in 10 of 21 fi sh examined and a total of 29 specimens were recorded, making the overall prevalence of this species 47.6%. Only 2 E. excisus larvae were found in 2 of the 29 fi sh examined. Th is study provides the fi rst ichthyoparasitological data for these host fi sh species in Turkey, and the occurrence of R. denudata in C. antalyensis and Contracaecum sp. larvae in P. battalgil are considered to be new host records for these fi sh species.
doi:10.3906/zoo-0912-16 fatcat:v5gj6ktpt5cjdc3mwwa2iyzavy