Protective Effects of Vaccinium Uliginosum Extracts on Rat Retina Against Microwave- induced Damage [post]

Lan Yin, Si-jun Fan
2022 unpublished
Objective To study the protective effect of Vaccinium Uliginosum (VU) extracts on rat retina against microwave radiation induced injury. Methods The rats were randomized into 3 groups (12 in each) and treated as follows: group 1: no irradiation; group 2: irradiation without administration; group 3: irradiation with administration in advance. After administration to group 3 with VU extracts for 1 week, group 2 and 3 were irradiated. 24 hours later, all the rats were recorded with
more » ... phy (ERG). Half of each group were performed with pathological examination, and the rest were performed with biochemical detection [superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GPx)]. Results 1.Compared with group 2, both of group 1 and group 3 showed a significant increase in a-wave ERG amplitudes in scotopic and photopic conditions, and the b-wave amplitude of group 3 was significantly higher than group 2 but lower than group 1 in photopic condition. 2. The thickness of outer nuclear layer (ONL) in group 2 was thicker than group 1 and group 3; The cell density of inner nuclear layer (INL) and the ganglion cells layer (GCL) both showed that group 3 was more than group 2 but less than group 1. 3. The SOD activitiy in group 2 was lower than group 1 and 3. The GPx activitiy in group 3 was lower than group 1, but higher than group 2. Conclusions VU extracts can protect rat retina against microwave-induced damage. And these results may provide a base for exploring the possible preventive and therapeutic measures.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:ivqi2txfpfhddds2m73givktxe