6 th Bulgarian-Austrian Seminar Practice and Research in Flood Risk Management Sofia

Robert Zach
2013 unpublished
General Information The corporate town of Gleisdorf is situated on the orographic left side of the river Raab. Additionally four streams cross the urban area of Gleisdorf, however three streams (Gleisbach, Greithbach and Mitterwiesenbach) reveal the greatest effect on the urban area during flood events. All four streams discharge into the Raab. Flood History in Gleisdorf The record of historic flood events in Gleisdorf goes back to about 1894 and includes different types of flood scenarios.
more » ... lood scenarios. Whilst at one point the Raab was causing the flooding of urban areas, other times the local precipitation led to increasing water levels in the streams and therefore to flooding. In 2005 the Raab and the streams together caused a major flood event that affected most of the urban area of Gleisdorf. Flood Protection Projects For the Raab a flood protection project with a retention basin and longitudinal protection measures (dikes) along the Raab was built. Also at the stream Mitterwiesenbach, which mostly affects the industrial park, has now a Q100-flood protection with three retention basins and longitudinal protection measures. Currently in construction is a second retention basin at Gleisbach and furthermore longitudinal protection measures such as raising of side walls. To also achieve a Q100-flood protection for the stream Greithbach, another similar project is planned.