Antioxidant Effect of HotWaterExtract of Muraenesox cinereus's Skin
갯장어껍질 열수 추출물의 항산화 효과

Hyun-Jae Shin, Yoon-Soo Kim, Hyung-Gun Nam, Myung-Soon Na, Mi-Hye Kim, Hyeong-Bong Kang, Hee-Duck Lee, Du-Bok Choi, On-You Choi, Wol-Suk Cha
2011 KSBB Journal  
1) For the development of functional food and cosmetics using hot water extract of Muraenesox cinereus's skin, contents of vitamin, amino acid and element, and antioxidant activity were investigated. The results are shown as follows: among vitamins, A (0.21 mg/100 g), C (78.12 mg/ 100 g), D 3 (0.03 mg/100 g), E (1.97 mg/100 g) and Niacin (2.53 mg/100 g) were detected, respectively. Mineral contents were an order of K > P > Na > Mg > Ca > Fe and Zn. Contents of total amino acids were an order of
more » ... ds were an order of Pro > Gly > Arg > Glu > 조선대학교 생명화학공학과 Phe > Ala. Especially, the sum of total amino acids was 27.17 mg/100 mL, which was about 4.0 fold higher than that of free amino acid. DPPH radical scavenging activity of hot water extract of M. cinereus's skin at 25 mg/mL was 63.5% and did not increase at above 50 mg/mL. Activities of antioxidant enzymes in the liver of ethanol-treated rats using hot water extract of M. cinereus's skin were investigated. Compared to control group, activities of ADH and GSH-px were decreased. In the case of CAT and SOD activity, they were increased. These results showed that the hot water extract of M. cinereus's skin can be applied to raw macterial for functional food and cosmetics.
doi:10.7841/ksbbj.2011.26.1.027 fatcat:7djxmptyabhlbp3elmzdojhdke