Study And Empirical Modeling Relating Welding Parameters And Stiffness of Hot Air Welded Polypropylene Plastic

Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Anuragshrivastava, Shailendra Mahmoodalam, Kumar
2017 International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The goal of the work is to investigate the effect of some input parameters on the desired responses in the Polypropylene plastic welding by hot air welding technique. The effect of welding current, welding speed and mass flow rate of hot air has been evaluated on the Tensile Strength, of the butt weld bead deposited. These responses have been analyzed using the analysis of variance (ANOVA) and empirical modeling. Plots of significant factors and empirical modeling have been used to determine
more » ... sed to determine the best fit relationship between the responses and the model parameters using MINITAB 15. This has been used to determine which is the most influencing factor or parameter. A confidence level of 95%has been used for the analysis. The weld tensile strength has been found to increase with increase of welding current and welding speed KEYWORDS: Welding of Polypropylene (PP) plastic, Hot air welding, Empirical Modeling, and tensile strength of Polyproylen plastic, ANOVA technique.