Development of Cuttability Chart for a Marble Cutting with Monowire Cutting Machine

Emre Yilmazkaya, Yilmaz Ozcelik
Monowire block cutting machines can be used for natural stone block squaring operations and slab cutting operations from natural stone blocks. The efficient use of these machines reduces operating costs by ensuring less diamond wire wear and longer wire life at high speeds. The purpose of this study is to develop cuttability chart for real marble sample based on unit wear and unit energy in monowire cutting system and also perform cutting optimization. For this purpose, the full automatically
more » ... rvo controlled monowire cutting system which can cut blocks in three dimensions were developed in Hacettepe University Mining Engineering Department. Cutting experiments were performed at different wire rotation speed (peripheral speed) and wire downward movement speed (cutting speed) on the real marble block which was transported to the laboratory. A cuttability abacus in monowire cutting system taking into consideration the unit energy consumption during cutting operation and unit wear on diamond beads was developed with Design Expert 7.1 software for real marble sample by using the results obtained.
doi:10.13154/icscm.3.2015.73-85 fatcat:aw7qgwx7jzfdxen4qhftv5j5cm