Single production of doubly charged Higgsinos at lineare−e−colliders

Mariana Frank, Katri Huitu, Santosh Kumar Rai
2008 Physical Review D  
Several extended supersymmetric models, motivated by either grand unification, or by neutrino mass generation, predict light doubly charged higgsinos. We study the production of a single doubly charged higgsino and its decay channels at the International Linear Collider (ILC) operating in the e-e- mode. We analyze the production cross section for e-e- --> tildeDelta^--_L,R chi^0_1 as a function of different kinematic variables, followed by the decay, through several channels, of the doubly
more » ... ed higgsino into a final state of two leptons plus missing energy. We include the standard model background and discuss how kinematic cuts could be used effectively to limit this background. Single production of these exotics could provide a spectacular signal for a new underlying symmetry and for physics beyond the minimal supersymmetric standard model.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.77.015006 fatcat:dph2swbv2rc4dc6niybnlefkp4