Freeform vector graphics with controlled thin-plate splines

Mark Finch, John Snyder, Hugues Hoppe
2011 Proceedings of the 2011 SIGGRAPH Asia Conference on - SA '11  
Figure 1 : We build on thin-plate splines to enrich vector graphics with a variety of powerful and intuitive controls. Abstract Recent work defines vector graphics using diffusion between colored curves. We explore higher-order fairing to enable more natural interpolation and greater expressive control. Specifically, we build on thin-plate splines which provide smoothness everywhere except at user-specified tears and creases (discontinuities in value and derivative respectively). Our system
more » ... a user sketch discontinuity curves without fixing their colors, and sprinkle color constraints at sparse interior points to obtain smooth interpolation subject to the outlines. We refine the representation with novel contour and slope curves, which anisotropically constrain interpolation derivatives. Compound curves further increase editing power by expanding a single curve into multiple offsets of various basic types (value, tear, crease, slope, and contour). The vector constraints are discretized over an image grid, and satisfied using a hierarchical solver. We demonstrate interactive authoring on a desktop CPU.
doi:10.1145/2024156.2024200 fatcat:eaq563b3fjgvfhx56mum3v4zei