A Comparison of Fossils of the Two Whale Fam ilies: Physeteridae and Monodentidae (Cetacea)

Bhatnagar Pankaj S.
2016 Mongolian Journal of Biological Sciences  
Whales are a group of marine creatures that have elicited scientifi c and layman's curiosity since long. The present paper has a focus on elucidating fossils of two Odontoceti families viz. Physeteridae and Monodentidae. Extant Physeteridae is a monotypic family, while Monodentidae is restricted geographically to cold waters of the Arctic and adjoining seas. Physeteridae fossil data showed a total of 28 species, while Monodentidae had only half a dozen species. Warming of the climate in the
more » ... appears to have played a role in northward migration of Monodentids. Bhatnagar, P. S. 2016. A comparison of fossils of the two whale fam ilies: Physeteridae and Monodentidae (Cetacea). Mong. J. Biol. Sci., 14(1-2): 59-61.
doi:10.22353/mjbs.2016.14.08 fatcat:upyb5pvue5e2pbvywvx6ztwqni