Nationalpopulism, Right and Left [unknown]

Daniel Rueda
For most of the postwar period the idea of merging socialist (or popular) and nationalist elements was marginal in Europe. But in the last two decades we have been witnessing a new form of social-national synthesis: nationalpopulism. This article examines this resurgence by comparing right-wing nationalpopulism and left-wing nationalpopulism. In order to do so, it focuses on four European countries: France, Italy, Greece and Spain. While there are both policy and discursive similarities between
more » ... imilarities between these two forms of nationalpopulism, this article argues that they are fundamentally different and belong to antagonistic ideological factions.
doi:10.13023/disclosure.29.07 fatcat:xgjkin6xi5fnrgkumiqbum6ugm