Vida y costumbres barrocas alejadas de la sencillez monacal. La comunidad del monasterio de San Juan de la Peña durante la edad moderna [article]

Natalia J. García, Digital.CSIC, Digital.CSIC
[EN]This paper studies how changes in life and religious Benedictine observance during the Modern Age affected the shape and architecture of their monasteries and to prove it we analyze the specific case of the San Juan de la Peña community of monks. Since its inception and throughout the Middle Ages religious communities lived in common dormitories, which at the slow but inexorable passing of time and the almos timperceptible change of habits led to a new concept of interior cabin for the
more » ... , from which the individual space is reclaimed within the monastic group. These spaces, with the passing of time, were filled with luxurious furniture and objects far away from the religious monastic poverty and simplicity that were supposed to be observed as a requisite to join the Benedictine Order. The analysis of the examined documents allow us to determine that the Benedictines kept up with the fashion of their time hoarding a rich and sumptuous furniture as well as art pieces in the interior of their cells that were decorated according to the aesthetic of the moment.
doi:10.20350/digitalcsic/11051 fatcat:vgsvglnz6zb57nynqqvl7jafae