Pyrexia of unknown origin with neutropenia, cervical lymphadenopathy, pneumonia and marrow hypoplasia

S S Kundu, B K Das, A Talukdar, K Chaturvedi, A Banerjee, S Banerjee
2006 Journal of Association of Physicians of India  
A 56 years adult male presented with fever for 3 weeks with neutropenia and cervical lymphadenopathy with left sided pneumonitis. Histopathology of lymphnode was consistent with Kikuchi's Necrotizing Lymphadenitis. Kikuchi's disease is usually a self- limiting illness characterized by pyrexia, neutropenia and cervical lymphadenopathy in young women of Asian decent. This often leads to the misdiagnosis of lymphoma or tuberculosis. The notable feature here is an older male presented with severe neutropenia and pneumonia with hypoplastic marrow.
pmid:16941801 fatcat:wsi2e6ueivalneex4bxrqwhesq