Microwave-assisted synthesis and photoluminescence properties of $$\hbox {ZnS:Pb}^{2+}$$ ZnS:Pb 2 + nanophosphor for solid-state lighting

D N Game, C B Palan, N B Ingale, S K Omanwar
2017 Bulletin of Materials Science  
Nanocrystalline ZnS:Pb 2+ phosphor was synthesized by microwave-assisted co-precipitation method. The phase purity and surface morphology of prepared material were investigated using an X-ray diffractometer (XRD) and a scanning electron microscope. The photoluminescence property was studied by near-UV (nUV) excitation. The XRD pattern of prepared phosphor matches well with that of an ICDD (International Center for Diffraction Data) file. Surface morphology of prepared phosphor was found to be
more » ... r was found to be in submicron range. As-prepared ZnS:Pb 2+ phosphor shows a green emission under nUV excitation. As Pb 2+ ions are located on a regular Zn 2+ site they produce a green emission band in the range of 400-650 nm, centred at 500 nm, under excitation wavelength of 357 nm, exhibiting luminescence properties typically observed for Pb 2+ . Effect of concentration of Pb 2+ ions on emission intensity was studied. The colour co-ordinates of prepared phosphor were calculated and found to lie in the green region of Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage diagram.
doi:10.1007/s12034-017-1489-7 fatcat:yd77b5rjbzhwjfc3coesy3qsnu