Antenna Miniaturization Based on Supperscattering Effect

J. J. Yang, M. Huang, F. C. Mao, J. Sun
2012 Radioengineering  
Antennas are essential components of all existing radio equipments. The miniaturization of antenna is a key issue of antenna technology. Based on supperscattering effect, we found that when a small horn antenna is located inside of a dielectric core and covered with a complementary layer, its far field radiation pattern will be equivalent to a large horn antenna. The complementary layer with only axial parameters varying with radius is obtained using coordinate transformation theory. Besides,
more » ... e influence of loss and perturbations of parameters on supperscattering effect is also investigated. Results show that the device is robust against the perturbation in the axial material parameters when the refractive index is kept invariant. Full-wave simulations based on finite element method are performed to validate the design.
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