Mutational analysis of Polycomb genes in solid tumours identifies PHC3 amplification as a possible cancer-driving genetic alteration

F Crea, L Sun, L Pikor, P Frumento, W L Lam, C D Helgason
2013 British Journal of Cancer  
Polycomb group genes (PcGs) are epigenetic effectors implicated in most cancer hallmarks. The mutational status of all PcGs has never been systematically assessed in solid tumours. Methods: We conducted a multi-step analysis on publically available databases and patient samples to identify somatic aberrations of PcGs. Results: Data from more than 1000 cancer patients show for the first time that the PcG member PHC3 is amplified in three epithelial neoplasms (rate: 8-35%). This aberration
more » ... s poorer prognosis in lung and uterine carcinomas (Po0.01). Gene amplification correlates with mRNA overexpression (Po0.01), suggesting a functional role of this aberration. Conclusion: PHC3 amplification may emerge as a biomarker and potential therapeutic target in a relevant fraction of epithelial tumours.
doi:10.1038/bjc.2013.454 pmid:23942079 pmcid:PMC3776977 fatcat:hamrk5f5kjbzndbgs23hhfskky