S.A. Semina, N.I. Ostroborodova
The article presents the results of studies on the influence of various types of complex fertilizers with microelements in chelate forms on the formation of the yield of spring soft wheat of the Arkhat variety during pre-sowing treatment of seeds. It was established that only when using Gumostim there is a tendency to increase productive tillering. It was revealed that treatment of seeds with Cytovit contributed to an increase in the size of the ear by 16.4%. It was noted that the increase in
more » ... e number of grains when using Gumostim and Multi-purpose Siliplant was 0.8-1.3 pieces, and the most grained ears were obtained using Cytovit, an increase to the control was 22.3%. The use of complex micronutrient fertilizers contributed to the improvement of the technological properties of grain. The grain bulk density when using EcoFus, Gumostim and Cytovit increased by 9-23 g/l. During the years of research, a highly vitreous grain was formed in all variants of the experiment, but no significant differences for this quality indicator in the variants were revealed. In the years of research, the use of EcoFus, Gumostim, and Multi-purpose Siliplant was equivalent in effect on the accumulation of wet gluten; the increase was 1.2-3.8% of the control in these variants. Seed treatment with Cytovit had advantage in this quality indicator. Mass fraction of wet gluten increased by 5.6% compared with water treatment. In quality, gluten in all test variants in 2018 met the requirements of the second quality group (IDK 90-95 units), and in 2019 it met the requirements of the first quality group (IDK 65-77 units). However, with an increase in the amount of wet gluten, a natural decrease in its elastic properties was noted.
doi:10.26177/vrf.2020.6.2.007 fatcat:ouftvlhae5d4xprtdnm3fqub4a