The circRNA-MYLK plays oncogenic roles in the Hep-2 cell line by sponging microRNA-145-5p

Yao Chen, Yanmei Wang, Yanmei Li, Xuechan Li, Tiejun Yuan, Shuqin Yang, Xiaoyan Sun
2020 General Physiology and Biophysics  
For the exploration of circular RNA light chain kinase (circRNA-MYLK), siRNA#1 and siRNA#2 targeting circRNA-MYLK as well as microRNA(miR)-145-5p inhibitor were transfected. Viability was valued with the CCK-8. The protein expression was examined relying on Western blot. The expression of circRNA-MYLK or miR-145-5p was tested depending on qRT-PCR. The apoptotic/migration/invasion rate was separately measured by the Annexin v-FITC/PI with flow cytometer or chambers assays. CircRNA-MYLK was
more » ... cRNA-MYLK was overexpressed in tumor tissue. Silencing circRNA-MYLK induced the inhibitions of viability, invasion and migration, as well as the blocks of MEK/ERK and NF-κB cascades, however, silencing circRNA-MYLK led to provoking of apoptosis. Besides, circRNA-MYLK silencing stimulated the over-production of miR-145-5p, whose silencing abolished the effects of siRNA#1 and siRNA#2 of circRNA-MYLK on those factors above. The circRNA-MYLK had oncogenic roles via targeting miR-145-5p in the Hep-2 cell line via stimulating MEK/ERK and NF-κB cascades.
doi:10.4149/gpb_2019060 pmid:32525816 fatcat:plsjqwgchfbdthgg74oaqkz5eu