Mass Injection Rates Due to Supernovae and Cloud Evaporation in Starburst Superwinds

T. W. Hartquist, J. E. Dyson, R. J. R. Williams
1997 Astrophysical Journal  
We show that, for reasonable assumptions, conductively driven and ablation-driven evaporation of clouds in the core of the starburst galaxy M82 lead to a rate of mass injection into the superwind that is several times greater than that due to supernovae. This is in harmony with the results of e †orts to construct a global superwind model consistent with the X-ray emission of M82. We examine the possibility that the increase of pressure in a starburst causes the burst to develop by inducing gravitational instability of the clouds.
doi:10.1086/304127 fatcat:i2t3isvpj5aupjlqhtwrpsavhq