The Effects of Induced and Naturally Occurring Dysphoric Mood on Biases in Self-evaluation and Memory

Eva Gilboa, John E. Roberts, Ian H. Gotlib
1997 Cognition & Emotion  
Biases in self-eval uation and memory were c ompared across nondysphoric (ND), experimentally dysphoric (ED), and naturally dysphoric (DYS) subjects. First, subjects judged the self-descriptiveness of a series of negative and positive adjectives, and w ere then given an incidental memory test. Next, subjects performed an intentional memory task w ith negati ve and neutral mate rials. Across measures of endorsement, judgement latency, and memory, both ED and ND subjects showe d positive biases,
more » ... d positive biases, whereas DYS subjects exhibite d"even-handed" processing. These ® ndings suggest that dysphoric mood (at least of brief duration) cannot be solely responsible for the erosion of positive biases that appear to characterise depression.
doi:10.1080/026999397380032 fatcat:xvo35rercfgbjb3m62afwxsdz4