Title Protein expression and purification of integrin I domains and IgSF ligands for crystallography Protein Expression and Purification of Integrin I Domains and IgSF Ligands for Crystallography

H Zhang, Wang, Hongmin Zhang, Jia-Huai Wang
2011 Citation Methods in Molecular Biology   unpublished
Cell adhesion depends on combinational expression and interactions of a large number of adhesion molecules from opposing cells. Integrins and immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF) members are two foremost classes of cell adhesion molecules in immune system. Structural study is critical for better understanding of the interactions between integrins and their IgSF ligands. Here we describe protocols for protein expression of integrin αL I domain and its IgSF ligand ICAM-5 D1D2 fragment for crystallography.
more » ... ment for crystallography.