Regional e-Barometer

Mihaela Mureşan
2007 Economy Informatics   unpublished
The regional development as main pillar of the European cohesion policy is a very important pole of creativity and innovation, contributing to the increase of the competitiveness , goal of the Lisbon strategy. In this view, the regional development strategy and the concrete measures of its implementation represent the frame for the regional and sectoral projects development. The real impact of the implementation of the regional strategy could be evaluated only by a wide process of gathering the
more » ... ss of gathering the regional actors' views and opinions. A very efficient tool for the evaluation process is the integrated democratic-centric driver for the regional development, which offers the virtual frame for a large access to regional strategies implementation and for the wide expression of the regional actors' satisfaction, related to the regional projects and their implementation. The development of such an integrated framework needs to merge different viewpoints and technologies in order to create a regional portal for the wide dissemination of the regional programmes according to the development strategy, to ensure their transparency, to increase the opportunities to implement more innovative projects, and to collect the regional actors' opinions on the effectiveness of the projects implementation and the regional strategy objectives fulfillment. This approach aims at strengthening the regional partnership and the interaction between end users and public authorities at local level. This new generation of user-friendly digital tools supports a pro-active behavior of the regional actors, contributing to the measurement of the quality of the regional projects, i.e. the level of meeting the regional needs and the regional actors' expectations. The virtual platform involves the process re-engineering, especially at the public entities level, in order to integrate various informational sources and to collect and analyze the regional actors' opinions. The integrated virtual platform is a new concept aiming at providing a better framework for the citizens and businesses, an efficient access to information, and increasing the quality of the regional strategy and projects. The useful information concerning the regional actors' opinions will contribute to the improvement of the regional strategy and its implementation. The democratic-centric driver for the regional development contributes to the quality of the regional projects and public services, main goal of the local and central administration entities.