Quantum transport equations for low-dimensional multiband electronic systems: I

I Kupčić, Z Rukelj, S Barišić
2013 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter  
A systematic method of calculating the dynamical conductivity tensor in a general multiband electronic model with strong boson-mediated electron-electron interactions is described. The theory is based on the exact semiclassical expression for the coupling between valence electrons and electromagnetic fields and on the self-consistent Bethe--Salpeter equations for the electron-hole propagators. The general diagrammatic perturbation expressions for the intraband and interband single-particle
more » ... ctivity are determined. The relations between the intraband Bethe--Salpeter equation, the quantum transport equation and the ordinary transport equation are briefly discussed within the memory-function approximation. The effects of the Lorentz dipole-dipole interactions on the dynamical conductivity of low-dimensional sp_α models are described in the same approximation. Such formalism proves useful in studies of different (pseudo)gapped states of quasi-one-dimensional systems with the metal-to-insulator phase transitions and can be easily extended to underdoped two-dimensional high-T_c superconductors.
doi:10.1088/0953-8984/25/14/145602 pmid:23478279 fatcat:cppb3xsqevcklfumwml5ttt4rq