A Kind of Energy-efficient Routing Algorithm for WSN Based on HQEA

Lingxia Liu, Qiang Song
2013 International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology  
This paper proposes a new hierarchical routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks called hybrid QEA-based energy-efficient routing algorithm (HERA), which is based on LEACH and PEGASIS algorithms in the environment of wireless sensor networks. In order to reduce the data transmission distance, this algorithm uses the hybrid quantum evolutionary algorithm (HQEA) to establish the best cluster-based multi-chain topology. For the sake of balancing energy dissipation, node's residual energy and
more » ... esidual energy and its distance from the target are considered as criterions of cluster head election, and each cluster head relays the sensed data of other clusters to the sink. Simulation results demonstrate comparing with LEACH and PEGASIS, this proposed algorithm HERA can shorten total transmission distance significantly, which is also more efficient to save and balance energy of consumption, meanwhile it prolongs the living time of whole network and eliminates the affection of sink's location on the network lifetime. This paper assumes that wireless sensor nodes are randomly distributed in a square target area. Sink is deployed out of the area, the energy is supposed infinite, the position of sink and sensor nodes are known and fixed, and nodes know their current surplus energy, wireless transmitting power can be adjusted according to the length of receiver's distance. According to the characteristics of network model in this paper, the method of combination of centralization and distribution is used to construct network routing link.
doi:10.14257/ijhit.2013.6.4.01 fatcat:loi7xinqefh2ba3jup2zkmncgi