Adsorption Properties of Pd3-Modified Double-Vacancy Defect Graphene toward SF6 Decomposition Products

Jie Li, Lei Pang, Fuwei Cai, Xieyu Yuan, Fanyu Kong
2020 Sensors  
In this study, we investigate Pd3-cluster-modified 555–777 graphene (Pd3-graphene) as a novel resistor-type gas sensor to detect SF6 decomposition products based on density functional theory calculations. We obtained and minutely analyzed the relevant parameters of each most stable adsorption configuration to explore the microscopic mechanism during gas adsorption. Theoretical results reveal that Pd3-graphene shows great adsorption capacity and sensitivity toward those decompositions. High
more » ... ption energies and abundant charge transfer amounts could guarantee a stable adsorption structure of decomposition gases on Pd3-graphene surface. The complex change of density of states verifies a strong chemical reaction between the gases and the surface. Moreover, the conductivity of Pd3-graphene would improve due to the decrease of energy gap, and the sensitivity was calculated as SOF2 > H2S > SO2 > SO2 F2. This work provides an effective method to evaluate the operation status of SF6 gas-insulated equipment.
doi:10.3390/s20154188 pmid:32731447 fatcat:pyi7syhpnva7hnu5pd6hcxtnzu