Node Selection Algorithms with Data Accuracy Guarantee in Service-Oriented Wireless Sensor Networks

Hongju Cheng, Ronglie Guo, Yuzhong Chen
2013 International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks  
The service-oriented architecture is considered as a new emerging trend for the future of wireless sensor networks in which different types of sensors can be deployed in the same area to support various service requirements. The accuracy of the sensed data is one of the key criterions because it is generally a noisy version of the physical phenomenon. In this paper, we study the node selection problem with data accuracy guarantee in service-oriented wireless sensor networks. We exploit the
more » ... al correlation between the service data and aim at selecting minimum number of nodes to provide services with data accuracy guaranteed. Firstly, we have formulated this problem into an integer nonlinear programming problem to illustrate its NP-hard property. Secondarily, we have proposed two heuristic algorithms, namely, Separate Selection Algorithm (SSA) and Combined Selection Algorithm (CSA). The SSA is designed to select nodes for each service in a separate way, and the CSA is designed to select nodes according to their contribution increment. Finally, we compare the performance of the proposed algorithms with extended simulations. The results show that CSA has better performance compared with SSA.
doi:10.1155/2013/527965 fatcat:fgm7h43pjred3g6x74l66yfygm