Determination of the mean base circle radius of gears by optical multi-distance measurements

Marc Pillarz, Axel von Freyberg, Andreas Fischer
2020 Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems  
Abstract. The required reliability of wind turbine gearboxes increases the requirements for large gear measurements. Extensive measurements to reliably assess the geometry of large gears in the single micrometer range are necessary. Due to an individually fixed measuring volume, standard methods like coordinate and gear measuring instruments reach their limits for large gears with diameters > 1 m. Therefore, a scalable optical measurement approach consisting of a single sensor in combination
more » ... r in combination with a rotary table for multi-distance measurements with subsequent model-based evaluation of shape parameters of gears is presented. The scalable measurement approach is to be extended to a multisensory system in further work. As a fundamental shape parameter the mean base circle radius using the example of spur gears is determined. The base circle radius is used due to the geometric relationship to further shape parameters for example to the profile slope deviation. The theoretically achievable measurement uncertainty of the mean base circle radius due to sensor noise is estimated to less than 5 µm (k=2) for a small and a large gear, which verifies the scalability of the sensor system. In order to show a general proof of principle, two series of optical measurements on a gear with a diameter of 0.105 m are performed and referenced with a tactile measurement. As a result, random errors of 1.2 µm for k=2 are determined. The remaining systematic deviations to the reference value amount to 4.3 and 1.6 µm, respectively. Hence, the total measurement uncertainty is currently limited by systematic effects, and the defined aim of a total uncertainty of less than 5 µm (k=2) is narrowly missed by 1.5 µm. The random errors of 1.2 µm (k=2) show, however, that an adequate measurement precision is achieved and that the multi-distance measurement approach has the potential to reach the aimed measurement uncertainty with appropriate strategies to compensate for the systematic influences. The experimental and theoretical results prove the principle applicability of the proposed single sensor multi-distance approach for the precise inspection of gears.
doi:10.5194/jsss-9-273-2020 fatcat:nb76bdqr5jfbbb4ay67klleahe