cDNA-AFLP analysis on transcripts associated with bolting in

Yan-Min ZOU, Shuan-Cang YU, Feng-Lan ZHANG, Yang-Jun YU, Xiu-Yun ZHAO, De-Shuang ZHANG
2009 Hereditas (Beijing)  
Premature bolting, caused by low temperature in spring and summer cultivation in low land and high land respectively, leads to reduction of the yield and quality of the harvested products in Chinese cabbage. Therefore, exploring genes involved in vernalization response is important to the improvement of Chinese cabbage varieties. Here, one extremely early bolting line (DH-54) and one extremely late bolting line (DH-43) were employed, and the cDNA-AFLP approach was used to identify key
more » ... involved in the low-temperature required vernalization response. Of 256 primer recombinations screened, a total of 191 differential expressed transcript-derived fragments (TDFs) were identified, and 82 TDFs were sequenced. BLAST and alignments showed that 52 candidate TDFs shared high levels of similarity with genes of known function, 22 TDFs of unknown function and 8 novel ESTs. The TDFs of known function were involved in genes encoding enzymes working in metabolism, proteins related to stress and defense, signal transduction, and transcription regulation, etc.
doi:10.3724/sp.j.1005.2009.00755 pmid:19586882 fatcat:3g4bytyapfbv7ojvphwvjo7gj4