Ultrasonic Welding of Fe and Ni System Amorphous Alloys

Shin-ichi MATSUOKA
1984 Journal of the Japan Society of Precision Engineering  
Shin-ichi MATSUOXA (1) The weldability of such a materials must be strongly limited by the low thermal stability of amorphous state. (2) Those welding techniques can be considered for possible application where the welding is achieved either at a low temperature or by a short welding time of a thin surface layer followed by ultrasonic welding. (3) The results of the present work indicate that the ultrasonic welding technique can be suited to weld amorphous alloys to copper or aluminium etc. (4)
more » ... The short welding time of the interface during the welding process does not cause a crystallization of the amorphous alloys. ( 5 ) Additional studies on the welding mechanism and on the weldability of amorphous alloys to various materials are in progress. (6) The possible application of ultrasonic welding of amorphous alloys has been demonstrated recently.
doi:10.2493/jjspe1933.50.969 fatcat:sq7ho4e6ure4tkcm3m4i7fzv5m