On-line evaluation of a round rotor synchronous machine parameter set estimated from standstill time-domain data

S. Horning, A. Keyhani, I. Kamwa
1997 IEEE transactions on energy conversion  
This paper presents a method for identifying the best linear circuit model parameters of a three-phase, round rotor synchronous machine. Standstill time-domain test data and the Maximum Likelihood estimator are used to identify the values for the equivalent circuit models. The estimated models are validated against the standstill data and an on-line test. A steady state error adjustment procedure is introduced and the results are analyzed. The nal dand q-axis model selections are based on the
more » ... are based on the minimization of the cost function, the concept of parsimony, and how w ell the models predict the on-line dynamics of the machine. Issues related to the necessity of the L f1d di erential leakage inductance 1 and the necessity of the Z f e eddy current branch are also discussed.
doi:10.1109/60.638863 fatcat:wdtgcsrixjdf7drgq6qjlgwmhi