An Experimental Study on Combustion Instability in Model Gas Turbine Combustor using Simulated SNG Fuel
모사 SNG 연료를 적용한 모델 가스터빈 연소기의 연소 불안정성에 관한 실험적 연구

Inchan Choi, Keeman Lee
2015 Journal of the Korean Society of Combustion  
The combustion instability was experimentally investigated in model gas turbine combustor with dual swirl burner. When such instability occurs, a strong coupling between pressure oscillation and unsteady heat release excites a self-sustained acoustic wave which results in a loud sound, and can even cause fatal damage to the combustor and entire system. In present study, to understand the combustion instability with a premixed mixture, the detailed periods of pressure and heat release data in
more » ... release data in unstable flame mode were investigated by various measurement methods at relatively rich condition and lean condition near flammable limits. Also, to prepare the utilization of synthetic natural gas (SNG) fuel in gas turbine system, an investigation was conducted using a simulated SNG including methane as a reference fuel to examine the effects of H2 content on flame stability. These results provide that the instability due to flash-back behaviour like CIVB phenomenon occurred at rich condition, while the repetition of relighting and extinction caused the oscillation of lean condition near flammable limit. From the analysis of H2 content effects, it is also confirmed that the instability frequency is proportional to the laminar burning velocity at both rich and lean condition.
doi:10.15231/jksc.2015.20.1.032 fatcat:fig3jdqgtvf33fnfxnf6iarj64