Conceptual design and preliminary characterization of serial array system of high-resolution MEMS accelerometers with embedded optical detection

Maximilian Perez, Andrei Shkel
2005 Smart Structures and Systems  
This paper introduces a technology for robust and low maintenance cost sensor network capable to detect accelerations below a micro-g in a wide frequency bandwidth (above 1,000 Hz). Sensor networks with such performance are critical for navigation, seismology, acoustic sensing, and for the health monitoring of civil structures. The approach is based on the fabrication of an array of high sensitivity accelerometers, each utilizing Fabry-Perot cavity with wavelength-dependent reflectivity to
more » ... eflectivity to allow embedded optical detection and serialization. The unique feature of the approach is that no local power source is required for each individual sensor. Instead one global light source is used, providing an input optical signal which propagates through an optical fiber network from sensor-to-sensor. The information from each sensor is embedded onto the transmitted light as an intrinsic wavelength division multiplexed signal. This optical "rainbow" of data is then assessed providing real-time sensing information from each sensor node in the network. This paper introduces the Fabry-Perot based accelerometer and examines its critical features, including the effects of imperfections and resolution estimates. It then presents serialization techniques for the creation of systems of arrayed sensors and examines the effects of serialization on sensor response. Finally, a fabrication process is proposed to create test structures for the critical components of the device, which are dynamically characterized. †Doctoral Student,
doi:10.12989/sss.2005.1.1.063 fatcat:n5xkif5uljgh5cfdd322hbhwxe