Associação entre imagem corporal e variáveis da aptidão física relacionada à saúde em mulheres idosas

Keila Maria Dias Carmo Lopes, Ricardo Jacó De Oliveira, Ricardo Moreno De Lima, José Roberto Pimenta De Godoy, Vinicius Zacarias Maldaner Da Silva, Marianne Lucena Da Silva, Jônatas De França Barros
2012 Zenodo  
Objective: Investigate the ideal pattern of body image (BI) ideal established for older women and identify the relationship between the dissatisfaction degree with their BI and the variables of anthropometric and aerobic fi tness. Methods: A total of 47 elderly women (66.12 ± 3.4 years; VO2 peak 20.3 were submitted to body fat percentage (%BF) evaluation using Dexa and a cardiopulmonary exercise test. Body image was evaluated through the nine silhouette scale proposed by Sorensen
more » ... d Stunkard. Results: Volunteers presented a signifi cant dissatisfaction grade in relation to their real body image (p < 0,001). The dissatisfaction grade presented a positive and signifi cant correlation with BMI (r = 0.56) and %BF (r = 0.39) but not with the peak oxygen consumption (p > 0.05). Conclusion: The fi ndings suggest that the highest the body fat is the highest the degree of dissatisfaction. There was no distortion of body image among the elderly surveyed.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3631884 fatcat:xesjtkalxjczhjcqyvmjqa644q