Forage-Associated Mycotoxicosis

Stan W. Casteel, William F. Braun, Donald T. Wicklow, Laurie Mills Wallace, Gayle C. Johnson
Mycotoxin contamination of hay and other forages has been shown to have adverse effects on livestock. Known forage-associated mycotoxins include stachybotryotoxin, slaframine, the ergot alkaloids, tremorgens, and sporidesmin(1). Many allegations of livestock illness and death following consumption of moldy hay are associated with clinical syndromes uncharacteristic of known forage-related diseases, suggesting that unidentified toxin(s) may be responsible. Little information is available in the
more » ... iterature to verify involvement of toxigenic fungi, the toxic principle(s) or the basic biological effects on cattle.
doi:10.21423/aabppro19926486 fatcat:awvmylbonff2bnrvatmqdjf2iu