Computational Analysis of Turkish Makam Music: Review of State-of-the-Art and Challenges

Barış Bozkurt, Ruhi Ayangil, André Holzapfel
2014 Journal of New Music Research  
This text targets a review of the computational analysis literature for Turkish makam music, discussing in detail the challenges involved and presenting a perspective for further studies. For that purpose, the basic concepts of Turkish makam music and the description of melodic, rhythmic and timbral aspects are considered in detail. Studies on tuning analysis, automatic transcription, automatic melodic analysis, automatic makam and usul detection are reviewed. Technological and data resource
more » ... ds for further advancement are discussed and available sources are presented. state-of-the-art is targeted here that gathers basic concepts, available tools and data, potentials and challenges, and a perspective for further research. For practical reasons, the review is limited to computational studies on Turkish makam music. Turkish makam music shares concepts, terminology and the practices with music of a large geographical region of northern African and Asian countries, especially that of Near East (Stubbs, 1994, pp.2). This review will potentially be useful for computational studies on other makam traditions. Our paper is structured as follows; First, a review of basic concepts of Turkish makam music is presented in Section 2. Following the theoretical part, a review of computational studies for melodic description, rhythmic description and timbre is presented in Section 3. Section 4 is dedicated to discussing future directions and available resources for further advancements. 2. Makam music theory, practice and their relation 2.
doi:10.1080/09298215.2013.865760 fatcat:tcyti6gntbbm3acw3ehuhwi4hu