An Analysis on the Temperature Safety of a Boiler Desuperheater
보일러 과열증기 냉각기의 온도 안전성에 관한 연구

Ji-Soo Ha, Tae-Kwon Kim, Hyuk-Sang Chang
2012 Journal of the Korean Institute of Gas  
The present study has been carried out to diagnose the temperature safety of a boiler desuperheater which decreases abnormally higher temperature of superheated steam in a reheater of a power plant. The liquid water in the desuperheater stays in a closed space. It becomes heated by the high temperature superheated steam and boiling could occur. Boiling might increase internal pressure and it could destroy the desuperheater if the internal pressure exceeds the allowable pressure of the
more » ... re of the desuperheater. The present study modeled reasonably the desuperheater and four cases of heat transfer analysis are executed with the consideration of insulator and natural convective fluid flow of the inside cooling water. For the case excluded the natural convective fluid flow, the temperature exceeds the allowable temperature and pressure. On the other hand, for the real case included natural convective fluid flow and insulator, the active heat transfer from higher temperature region to lower temperature region occurs and it makes the temperature in the cooling water below the allowable temperature and pressure. From this fact, it could be thought that the desuperheater in the reheater is safe from destroy or back flow.
doi:10.7842/kigas.2012.16.2.9 fatcat:c7zwhrsmjvacngqipu3dynsscm